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TECHnalysis Research In The Media

TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell is regularly quoted in major online sites and print publications around the world and is a frequent guest or commentator for TV and other media. To contact Bob for a quote or commentary or to book him for a media interview/guest appearance, you can email him at or contact him directly on his mobile phone at 1 (650) 224-2355.

Here are some examples of his commentary on TV or in the press:


Apple-Broadcom deal: Impact on investors, China

AI-fueled layoffs aren't 'a death knell, it's evolution of how society, economies work': Analyst

Tech leaders are 'trying to reset metrics' amid economic headwinds, analyst explains

AI takes center stage at Google's I/O conference

Bing with ChatGPT: Google ‘scrambling to provide’ AI search capabilities, analyst says

TECHnalysis Research President on Netflix Earnings

ZKast on Nvidia GTC

Samsung Shows Off Newest Phones and Laptops at Interactive Pop-Up in Downtown San Francisco


2023 CES Trends (starting 40:05 into the full program)



• Opinions on Generative AI at CadenceLIVE

• Dell, Microsoft team with Nvidia on enterprise generative AI

• Google Taking Pre-Orders for Its First Foldable Phone

• Slack GPT quickly summarizes channels and creates canvases

• Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch Vs. Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra: Head-To-Head

• Microsoft results top forecasts, shares jump 8% as AI juices sales

• Generative AI Is Here: Forrester Offers Tech Execs Tips on Next Steps

• Google, Microsoft, Salesforce Transform Enterprise Productivity With Generative AI Integrations

• U.S. Makes National Security Priority of CHIPS Subsidies

• Musk Appears Bitten by the AI Bug

• EdgeQ to Debut Single Chip for 5G Private Networks

• Google and Microsoft Set up AI Hardware Battle with Next-Generation Search

• Microsoft, Google Set AI Paths for Search Engines in Historic Week

• AI as Co-Pilot: Your Online Life Is About to Change, Like It or Not

• Microsoft Ups Ante for Online Search With New AI-Powered Bing Engine, Edge Browser

• Samsung Shows Off Newest Phones and Laptops at Interactive Pop-Up in Downtown San Francisco

• Tech’s Biggest Companies Discover Austerity, to the Relief of Investors

• Samsung holds prices on Galaxy smartphones amid inflation, slumping market

• Intel says it will recover share from AMD but some are skeptical

• Microsoft's cloud business outlook slightly behind expectations

• IBM boosts Power CPU core count…for Oracle

• Microsoft’s New AI Can Simulate Anyone’s Voice From a 3-Second Sample