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TECHnalysis Research In The Media

TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell is regularly quoted in major online sites and print publications around the world and is a frequent guest or commentator for TV and other media. To contact Bob for a quote or commentary or to book him for a media interview/guest appearance, you can email him at or contact him directly on his mobile phone at 1 (650) 224-2355.

Here are some examples of his commentary on TV or in the press:


Are employers missing a key demographic when attracting new talent?

Microsoft’s Q4 earnings ‘weren’t that bad’, analyst says

TECHnalysis Research President on Netflix


Tech companies continue layoffs

Twitter Musk Deal


Elon Musk dealt ‘a huge psychological blow’ to Twitter: Analyst


Apple WWDC 2022 News (37:18 into full "Bloomberg Technology" program)

Apple dives deeper into autos with software for car dashboard

Apple unveils new Macbook Air at developers conference

TECHnalysis' O’Donnell on Apple Earnings

Can smart cameras make return to office efforts less awkward?

Market analyst has 'serious doubts' about the metaverse

Big Tech earnings ‘will be a mixed bag,’ analyst says

Does Hardware Still Matter?

Big tech companies pull out of Russia amid Ukraine crisis

Your smart home could become even smarter: Talking Tech podcast


AT&T 3G shutdown could impact businesses, personal devices

Bob O’Donnell of TECHnalysis Research — What Innovation Will Impact You?


Samsung unveils its newest phones

Apple Has Good Insight Into Supply Chain, TECHnalysis Says

What is 5G, and how does it impact you?

5G Will Still Be Available Inside Airport Walls: Experts

Boston Logan Airport Not on List of 5G Buffer Zones

5G Won't Roll Out to Some in South Florida Due to Air Safety Concerns


Microsoft acquiring Activision ‘is a great extension’ and ‘smart timing,’ tech analyst says

FAA clears some low-visibility landings after warnings of 5G disruptions


• Samsung's $1,800 Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Intentionally Out of Reach

• Here's One Feature Samsung Could Use to One-Up Apple

SoftBank’s Next Pain Point Is Recognizing Private Asset Meltdown

• Microsoft to release Teams for Apple silicon

• Nvidia Brings Computer in Cars to the Desktop

• AMD posts Q3 sales outlook below Wall St, data center growth remains strong

• Apple’s ‘Top Gun’ Q2 Earnings Fly Past Global Economic Fears

• Samsung’s Q2 Earnings May Mean ‘Back To Reality’ After Pandemic Boom

• Mark Zuckerberg’s Path To ‘Owning The Entire Metaverse’ Is Paved With Potholes

• Microsoft soothes market fears with forecast for strong revenue growth

• Intel tried selling software before. Will it succeed this time?

• Do You Need to Buy a 5G Phone in 2022? It's Complicated

Twitter v. Musk: How a $44B deal turned into a ‘horror show’ that’s just beginning

• Microsoft updates Teams to filter out echoes

• Virtual worlds, real money: Why big business is investing in the metaverse

• Apple unveils new software to make the iPhone and other products feel new.

• People want Apple's 'meat and potato upgrades,' analyst says

• With iOS 16, Apple Can Add a New Polish to the iPhone

• Project Volterra could encourage switch to Arm-based PCs

• These Drones Could Give You 5G Networking After the Next Hurricane

• Microsoft Readies Era of NPU Devices with Hybrid Loop, Project Volterra

• Dell brings data recovery tools to Apex and the cloud

• Microsoft forecasts double-digit revenue growth on cloud strength

Meta earnings could be another dud: Strategist

• US DOJ probes Google's $5.4b Mandiant acquisition

• Amazon Launches 'Buy with Prime' Delivery Service for Other Merchants

• Amazon com : Introducing the $1 billion Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund

• Amazon extends Prime perks to merchant sites

• Amazon Launches New Prime Service for Other Retailers

• Amazon opens up Prime delivery service to other retailers in its latest move to compete with FedEx and UPS

• Blog: Microsoft fuels AT&T cloud-native ambitions

• The Data Analytics and Sharing Tools Smart Cities Need

• PC Shipments Decline, Revenues Rise During Q1 2022

• HP goes deeper into hybrid work with Poly acquisition

• The Ukraine invasion is accelerating Russia’s tech sector brain drain

• Nvidia unveils new technology to speed up AI, launches new supercomputer • AMD stacks memory cache in 3D to boost datacenter CPUs

• Why the biggest laptop vendors are ignoring Microsoft’s Pluton security tech

• Apple Refreshes iPhone SE, iPad Air, Debuts Studio Desktop

• Inside tech companies' unprecedented move to suspend sales in Russia

• Intel sees no big profit margin gains before 2025, would mull consortium for Arm

• Intel Investor Meeting 2022: Arc GPUs, Server CPUs, Project Endgame, and More

• Apple Tap to Pay makes iPhone a payment terminal

• Google Rolls Out DIY Chromebook Repair Program for Schools

• Juniper, Cato Build Out SASE Platform Offerings

• Apple makes easy escape from supply crisis, but others may have to wait

• Apple’s triumph over supply-chain shortage is a disaster

• Silicon Labs launches new AI/ML chips, toolkit for edge

• Why your 5G phone concerns the airline industry: What we know about the impact on travel, flights and more

• Google and Verizon: The Latest Cloud Provider and Mobile Operator Pairing

• Dell, Lenovo, HP pitch sustainable laptops

• Logan Not On FAA List Of Airports With 5G Buffer Zone

• Apple Wearables Holiday Sales Knock It Out of the Park