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TECHnalysis Research 2016 Media Mentions

Here is a list of the TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell media mentions from 2016.

Silicon Valley Reckons With Its Own Political Power

Cyber Hackers Prey Upon Advertisers and Media Companies

Will 2017 Be a Rebound Year for Tech IPOs

Alibaba Put on ‘Notorious Market’ List for Fake Goods

2016’s biggest tech trends, fails & successes

AMD's Ryzen is a game changer: Analyst

Hot Tech Trends as Black Friday Kicks Off Holiday Retail

Facebook Builds China Filter: NYT

Is live sport completely unassailable?

After heavy election donation, Silicon Valley reacts to Trump win

Money Talks: Amazon stock drops

Tech Earnings: What to Expect From Square, Facebook

Peter Thiel Explains Trump Endorsement

Apple, Microsoft compete for same market with new computers

Apple adds keyboard touch functions to Mac in major refresh

What's Next for Apple

Samsung's Credibility Takes a Hit

Can the PlayStation VR take on Occulus Rift?

Tracking Samsung's product recall headache

Samsung recalls 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over exploding batteries

Why Ride-Sharing Apps Aren't a Threat to Auto Sales...Yet

Would You Buy a Car Made by Apple or Google?

The Evolving Potential of iPhone 7's Dual Camera System

Apple dials up new iPhone

Apple Updates: Will Consumers Embrace the New Features?

Apple Ready to Debut New iPhone

These are the highlights at IFA 2016

Intel unveils Project Alloy, introducing ‘merged reality’

Disney is evolving well: Analyst

The Takeaways From This Week's Tech Earnings

August Home Lock Alexa Integration for Smart Homes (23:11)

Breaking Down Samsung's 2Q Results

Will Brexit Add to Apple's Sales Woes?

Beijing Slaps Apple With Another Legal Setback

What got the biggest reaction at Apple's WWDC?


LinkedIn is good fit for Microsoft- Analyst


Google Beats Oracle Copyright Case

Apple to Use OLED Display in 2017 iPhone from Full Show: Bloomberg West

Yahoo's brand faces long-term challenges: Analyst

Should Apple Spend Some of Its Massive Cash Hoard?

Should Facebook Be Considered a Media Company?

Analyst: Twitter's user growth isn't good enough

Apple Q1 2016 Earnings

Is Google Really the Criminal the EU Says It Is?

Why does Daily Mail want Yahoo?

Encryption Battle: Apple to Face Off With FBI in Court

FBI hack won't impact Apple sales: Pro

Hands-On Apple’s New iPhone SE & iPad Pro

Smaller iPhone & iPad unveiled

Apple vs FBI: Silicon Valley Weighs In

GoPro CEO Says Competition Not Behind Slow Growth Rate

'Yahoo needs to turn things around'

Apple's Aura Starting to Fade: Technalysis Research

Are we getting over Apple's iPhone?

Is There More Weakness in Store for Apple Shares?

'GoPro is increasingly looking like a one-trick pony'

Could Apple Be a Bidder for Time Warner?

2015 tech trends year in review


Look for More IoT Processors in 2017

Study: Americans Are Doing More of Their Work from Home

Apple's New Ads Position Apple Watch Series 2 as Go-To Holiday Gift

Apple Watch sales to consumers set record in holiday week, says Apple's Cook

No courage: Microsoft still requires audio jack port in Windows phones

iPhone 8 Dreaming in Full Swing

Stunned tech sector ponders future under Trump

The triumphant return of the PC

PCs Makers Continue to Innovate Despite Slowing Market

Sober Thoughts On Apple's New Touch Bar For MacBook Pro

Apple unveils new Mac notebooks

Lenovo, Fujitsu Confirm Talks Regarding PC Tie-Up

Apple expected to refresh ageing computer line with new MacBook Pro

Tim Cook says Apple doesn’t need to sacrifice user privacy to improve its AI

New ARM Cores Bring Security to IoT After Latest Cyber Attack

ARM Takes the IoT High Ground With Chip to Cloud Offering

ARM builds up security in the tiniest IoT chips

New MacBook Will Headline Apple's Thursday Show

Burning questions for Samsung as Note 7 drama rages on

Android Circuit: Note 7 Nightmare Official, Apple Overpowers Samsung, Hating Google's Perfect Pixel

Salesforce CEO says company will not bid for Twitter

HP Debuts Flashy New Computers

Google's Pixel XL, Nexus 6P Stalk Galaxy Note 7 Demise

Is Samsung's loss a win for Apple and Google phones?

Samsung faces credibility problem after phone fires

Analysts think Sony's onto a winner with new virtual reality headset

Samsung's Note7 calamity cracks open a door for Apple

How Did Samsung Botch The Galaxy Note 7 Crisis? It's A Failure Of Leadership

Samsung Killing Off the Note 7 Could Lead to an Android Turf War

'Worst Case Scenario' Just Became Reality for Samsung Galaxy Note7

HP's 3-in-1 Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, the Elite X3, is now available

Google Pixel Won't Compete With iPhone 7 If It's A 'Science Project'

Top Five Things You Should Know About Google's Pixel and Pixel XL

'Miles Ahead' Galaxy Note 7 Takes A Hit, As iPhone 7 Takes On New Sheen

Twitter Is Struggling, So Why Would Anyone Buy It?

Bloomberg Advantage: Google Announces In-House Designed Phone

Google Plasters Its Name on a New Hardware Collection

Google set to flex hardware muscle in new strategy for internet giant

Xiaomi’s Smartphones Won’t be Big Compared to Other Flagships

Why Xiaomi's new handsets won't give it an edge in the smartphone market

Here's why Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall will have a temporary impact on earnings

Apple faithful line up across Bay Area for iPhone 7

Why are tech companies making it so hard to upgrade?

Don't Use Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phone "Under Any Circumstance"

Why Apple is betting big on a wireless world

Critics line up after Apple removes headphone jack

iPhone 7: To Upgrade Or Not? It's A Harder Question Than We Thought

The Latest: The Apple $10,000 watch has lost its luster

Say goodbye to the iPhone’s headphone jack

Apple unveils iPhone 7 but some still waiting for iPhone 8

Apple launches iPhones 7 and 7 Plus

FIDO progress on passwords

Apple's Live-Stream Is About To Begin, And Car Shoppers Are Ready

Apple (AAPL) and Alphabet (GOOGL) Cars Already in High Demand

The ‘Sharing Economy’ for Cars? Not So Fast

Ridesharing Services May Not Be As Popular As Everyone Thinks

Apple Car, Google Car Real Threat To Established Automakers [Survey]

Apple set to unveil new iPhone but will it have a headphone jack?

Apple Car Interest High In Car Owner Survey

Tech Hype Outpacing Consumer Demand

Survey: A majority of Americans would be interested in cars from Google & Apple

Google and Apple aren’t selling cars, but half of Americans are interested in buying them

IoT Growth Means 50 Billion Connected Devices by 2020, CompTIA Predicts

That Hissing Sound Is the Last Bit of Air Leaking From Apple's Balloon

Exclusive: Google shelves plan for phone with interchangeable parts - sources

Intel Officially Rolls Out Kaby Lake Chips for Laptops, 2-in-1s

Apple’s Day of Reckoning Comes With Billion-Euro Tax Risk

Spreading the Benefits of IoT Among Fishermen and Farmers

Apple Buys Healthcare 'Magic Machine'

Avec Lifestage, Facebook cherche à contrer le succès de Snapchat

Intel's Big Factory Problem

Intel unveils Project Alloy, introducing ‘merged reality’

Tim Cook Devotes a Lot of Words to Saying Very Little

The Apple Watch 2: Everything We Know So Far

Facebook opens hardware lab, in a sign of broader ambitions

Discounts abound as Apple's laptops show their age

Uber Sees the Cartography on the Wall

What's Wrong With Apple's MacBook? I Asked Around

Alphabet posts strong revenue on video market, stock surges

Soon, Apple Gadgets Will Feature Virtual and Augmented Reality

BlackBerry Offers Android Users a Secure New Smartphone

Apple CEO touts future technology amid iPhone worries

Chinese tech giant LeEco to acquire Vizio for $2 billion

End of the road or new beginning for Yahoo?

Yahoo seals $4.8 bn deal to sell core assets to Verizon

Verizon: telecom giant with big ambitions

Audio Rises for Event Detection

Pokémon Go sets new App Store record for most downloads in its first week

Nest Cam Braves the Great Outdoors

Are we really in a post-device era?

Pokémon Go pushes augmented reality into the mainstream

Pokémon Go Proves Augmented Reality is as Fun as VR

People are spending more time playing Pokemon Go than they are using Facebook

Dell stops selling Android devices to focus on Windows

The Surface 3 is dead, as experts debate the future of low-end Windows tablets

Apple's WWDC 2016: All about Siri, Messages, Maps and Music

Apple's iOS 10 Goes to Eleven

How Alienware's gaming PCs kept their cool

Get Ready For Virtual Reality and the Cloud

Apple revamps App Store, may not win over developers

How Google and Amazon's Devices Are Slowly Sinking Apple

The PC upgrade cycle slows to every five to six years, Intel's CEO says

Get Ready for the Voice Revolution in Financial Services

Skeptics question Android on Chromebooks

Deep Learning: What it is, and What You Need to Know

Chromebooks beat Mac notebooks 1.4 to 1 in U.S.

BitTorrent Live Aims to Iron Out Live-Streaming Kinks

Apple’s $1billion in Didi: What analysts are saying—updated

Apple, Chinese rideshare deal heats up race for tech-smart cars

Apple Invests $1 Billion in China's Largest Uber-Like Ride-Hailing Service

Apple invests $1 billion in Chinese cab service Didi Chuxing, Uber rival

iPhone 7 Rumors Blunt Anticipation

Tech world eyes digital life beyond the smartphone

To go from IT to IoT, build on your skills

India Rejects Apple's iPhone Retread Plan

Fiat Chrysler, Google to partner on autonomous minivans

Apple's iPad Pro is beating Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, experts say

Who will manage IoT in the enterprise?

Are insurance devices the next billion dollar IoT market?

Is the Apple Bubble Finally Bursting?

Why a maturing Apple isn’t necessarily a bad Apple as the company plans its next move

Apple posts historic drop in iPhone sales; forecast disappoints

Apple Forecasts Second Sales Drop as iPhone Woes Deepen

Fast cash: The high-speed world of cloud-based finance

Helium raises $20 million for smart industrial sensors

China ban on Apple services is a challenge for key growth area

Intel gambit aims for position in post-PC world

Why Business Should Keep an Eye on Ultra-High Definition Television

IT Departments Taking a Backseat on IoT Projects

Barcelona faces the challenge to make its smart city truly smart

Next Apple Watch Will Be More 'S' Than 2

On many IoT projects, IT shops get left behind

Apple's aging Mac Pro is falling way behind Windows rivals

Questioning how standards are set and the implications for financial services

Nvidia Looks to Put More Reality Into VR With Iray VR Technology

4-Inch iPhone: Slow and Steady May Win the Race

How Apple is maturing into middle age

BlackBerry CEO sets September deadline for hardware profit

Microsoft touts developer tools, business software

It's not just Zuckerberg: Microsoft wants to build a real Jarvis too

How virtual reality will shape the future of your PC hardware

Strong dollar, rivals dent Apple's EM ambitions for iPhone SE

Will Apple ever release a Mac hybrid?

Apple Launches Cheaper iPhone SE for Emerging Markets

Apple's smaller iPhone may take a lesson from Samsung's unsuccessful Galaxy Alpha

The next big thing in phones may not be a phone

Apple's 'Loop You In' Event: What the Analysts Are Saying

Why a third-party hack won't hurt Apple

Apple's New iDevices say: Small is Beautiful, Too

Apple hopes small is big again as iPhone SE debuts

7 Of The Most Likely Features You're Going To See On The New Budget iPhone SE

Wolverton: Apple goes back-to-the-future to broaden its appeal

Apple's small iPhone strategy aims to reclaim stuck customers

Smaller iPhone expected as Apple faces drop in phone sales

Apple has 3 'privacy czars' who have to sign off before your data is collected

Marketplace Tech for Monday, March 21, 2016

Google pushes ahead with RCS messaging app to run on Android phones

The 4-Inch iPhone Expected To Debut At Apple's March 21 Event

Shadow IT Is the Challenging Answer to IT Complexity

Apple Watch 2: How The World's Best Smartwatch Might Make Its Great Leap Forward

Apple Event Date Nudges Court Showdown

Virtual reality, a reality?

Converged Architecture Helps Organizations Meet Dev/Test Requirements

Amid stuttering global sales, are smartphone makers doing enough?

Why Microsoft's Surface Book deserves a second look

Samsung Raises Curtain on Galaxy S7 Models

Smart city tech connects cars and bikes with big data at MWC

These Are The Gorgeous New Android Phones You Have To Care About

Zuckerberg plays up VR's emotional side

Pentagon orders Windows 10 to be installed on all 4 million of its PCs

Pentagon plans huge, swift upgrade to Windows 10

System Update: Pentagon Upgrading 4 Million Devices to Windows 10

Pentagon to Launch Massive Windows 10 Deployment, Upgrading All 4 Million Computers

Deal With Google Helps Yext Extend Location Management Service

Quinn: Twitter needs to take control

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Using GIFs to Plug Leak in Sinking Ship

More Bad News for GoPro – Earnings Miss Mark

Apple Pencils In March 15 for 4-Inch iPhone Launch

Top Tech Predictions for 2016

After setting iPhone record, Apple forecasts rare sales drop

Facebook's troubles in India keep snowballing

New Little iPhone May Sprout This Spring

This Time, Rumors Of A New 4-Inch iPhone Are Probably True

The Promise and Confusion of USB Type-C

The Promise and Confusion of USB Type-C

Microsoft Windows 10 To Run Exclusively On Silicon Chipsets, Says Company Exec Read

Intel Moves to Lock Down Business PCs

Windows 10 will only work on newest PCs, says Microsoft

Microsoft to support a list of Skylake PCs running Windows 7 and 8.1 until July 2017

Microsoft certifies new PCs with Windows 7 to ease enterprises onto Windows 10

All eyes on Apple's iPhone sales reveal

Virtual-reality headgear everywhere at CES

Huawei revenue soars 70%, boasts 108M mobile shipments

CES 2016: Rewind from Day 3 of the Consumer Electronics Show

The Big Problem Apple Must Fix Before it Launches a Car

New Smart Cam Can Distinguish Between Cats, Cat Burglars and Cars

Huawei’s smartphone shipment exceeds 100 million in 2015

Weighing the politics of smart city tech

Wolverton: Don't expect Next Big Thing at CES

Box Aims to Become More of a Platform Company in 2016