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TECHnalysis Research 2013 Media Mentions

Here is a list of the TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell media mentions from 2013.

Phablets to Dominate Tech Next Year

Apple Shopping Spree on CNBC Asia's The Call

Phablet Fever Seen Hitting America in 2014

Phablets To Outdo Small Tablets In 2014: Technalysis's O'Donnell

Biggest loser of Apple-China Mobile deal: Samsung

Former IDC Exec Launches TECHnalysis Research MrWeb Logo

Early Christmas electronics shoppers singing me-me-me

Dell's Chromebook 11 breaks reliance on Google's cloud

Dell software and services ambitions hinge on new cloud partnerships

Sony Plans a 4K Fest for CES