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TECHnalysis Research 2015 Media Mentions

Here is a list of the TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell media mentions from 2015. To contact Bob for a quote or commentary or to book him for a media interview/guest appearance, you can email him at or contact him directly on his mobile phone at 1 (650) 224-2355.

Here are some examples of his commentary on TV or in the press:

Here's why Apple is set for a challenging 2016

Don't be distracted by Yahoo's big moves: Analyst

What can investors expect from Yahoo's board?

Ebay’s Life After Paypal Beats Estimates

Tech Giants release growth plans for new quarter

How Will Volkswagen’s Scandal Affect Their Bottom Line?

Apple's New Products: Are They Game Changers?

Apple's Plan to Compete With Netflix

Why Did YouTube Enter the Video Game Streaming Business?

Apple is a 'solid bet' but stay cautious: Expert

When the chips are down: 3D X Point Memory and transition in the semiconductor industry


Why Would Microsoft Invest in Uber?

Does Apple TV Need a Revamp?

Microsoft launches first new operating system in 3 years

US Senate Considers Cybersecurity Bill

Apple Watch Lightening Rod for Fans, Critics: O'Donnell

Apple Sold 47.5 Million iPhones in Q3

Why eBay is the loser from PayPal split

Samsung Succession: Can Jay Lee Turn the Company Around?

What's weighing on Samsung's smartphone sales

Here's the challenge for Fitbit in the long run

WWDC 2015: Apple Music, iOS 9, Mac OS X El Capitan previewed

Can Apple Music Lure Customers Away From Spotify?

What to Expect From Apple's Developer Event

Key takeaways from Sony's Investor Relations Day

Is the Chinese Smartphone Market Tapped Out?

Is it game on for Nintendo?

You can buy the new Apple Watch in only one U.S. store

Yahoo results are 'disappointing', says this expert

Will the Apple Watch Really Help the Brand?

This is what Tesla's new product could be

How Many PCs Will Be Shipped in 2015?

The Apple Smartwatch Is Hard to Read: O'Donnell

Is Apple's Watch a Game Changer?

Apple's Amibitions in the TV Market

Sony CEO to deliver offensive strategy: Pro

How Are Apple and the iPhone Doing in China?

Intel proved 'PC is dead' analogy wrong: Analyst

CES This Year Is About Internet of Things: O’Donnell

BlackBerry’s AT&T strategy

Will the "Internet of Things" Dominate CES?


Broadband, Pay-TV And Wireless: Maturation And Saturation

AMD Enters Pivotal 2016 With Product Road Map That Must Lead to Growth

Marissa Meyer said she won't step down from Yahoo following Alibaba shakeup

Yahoo plans 'reverse spinoff,' instead of Alibaba sale

Apple Cranks Up Music Storage to 100K

Yahoo to keep Alibaba, spin off core business

Majority of owners of Apple Watch owners plan to give it as gift: poll

Competition among digital assistants heating up, but users not impressed

Notebook hard drives are dead: How SSDs will dominate mobile PC storage by 2018

Samsung looks to stem mobile struggles with new handset division chief

For some people, the older the smartphone, the better

Survey Says: Here’s the Holiday Season's Hottest Tech

Time for Apple to Broaden Its Model?

Experts predict 2016 enterprise mobility trends

Notify and the Other Nine Apps That Prove Facebook Rules Your Phone

Users Balk at Mobile App Permission Requests

Enlighted Launches IoT Web Applications for Commercial Buildings

Indonesia’s Google Balloons; the Threat to Apple; 000Webhost Hacked

Samsung shares jump after Q3 earnings, share repurchase

Mining for Big Value in Big Data

Oracle Turns to Chip-Based Security, Lower Prices to Counter Amazon

Michael Dell: EMC Deal Will Create Powerful IT Provider

Microsoft's 'More Personal Computing' is the next major hardware company

Laptop pushes Microsoft harder into hardware

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Smartphones, Laptop

Tech Deep Dive podcast: Google's self-driving car, Amazon boots Apple TV

El Capitan Boosts Mac Speed, Productivity

Google Faces American Antitrust Scrutiny Over Android

With iPhone 6s Launch, Apple Eyes a New Relationship With Its Customers

Amazon in new gadget offensive, led by $50 tablet

Apple customers report devices crashing on iOS 9 update

New iPhones Poised to Do Land Office Business

Apple unveils large-format iPad Pro tablet, new updated iPhones

Apple phone, tablet and TV fail to impress investors

Apple stakes new claim to the living room

Apple iPhone 6S Event 2015: Faster iPhone, Smarter Apple TV, Bigger iPad, New iOS, New Bands For Apple Watch, And ... A $99 Apple Pencil

Samsung's IoT Products Make Themselves at Home

Apple in the enterprise: A force to be reckoned with

Apple to show off new iPhones, Apple TV on Wednesday

Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba Unveil PCs With Windows 10, Skylake Chips

Intel Skylake Chip Promises Ultra-Fast Windows 10 Devices, Zippier MacBooks

Google restructuring will let side ventures shine

Google reorganizes under 'Alphabet' umbrella

Shadow IT: Worse Than We Thought

How Will the IoT Attain the Heights Predicted for It?

Report: Apple Is Kicking the MVNO Tires

$600 premium Android phones are getting harder and harder to sell

BlackBerry devices face extinction amid continual losses

Microsoft gears for turnaround with Windows 10 rollout

Windows 10: your desktop upgrade strategy

Intel, Micron Claim Chip Breakthrough

Salesforce tools let customers snap together new mobile apps

3D XPoint might change computing as much as SSDs did

3D Xpoint memory: Faster-than-flash storage unveiled

Salesforce Aims to Boost Mobile App Deployment With Lightning Tools

Quinn: Nike FuelBand, we hardly knew ye

Why AMD Won’t Be Splitting Up Anytime Soon

Microsoft smartphone strategy shifts away from Nokia

Windows 10’s facial recognition feature requires depth cameras too costly for most PCs

IoT: With great connectivity comes great insecurity

Why most of us will miss out on Windows Hello, Windows 10's facial recognition feature

BlackBerry Ltd Q1 To Disappoint, But By How Much?

Analysts warn BlackBerry’s first-quarter earnings will disappoint

Front runner: IPO gives Fitbit firepower in crowded market

Toshiba will build a Cortana button into its Windows 10 laptops

Mobile innovation is slowing but there's still plenty of room for improvement

New iOS 9 features give iPads PC-like functionality

Connected cows, cars and crockery prod chip mega mergers

Apple expected to focus on watch, music at developer conference

Google's Android Permissions Get Granular

Why Windows PCs are finally poised to become exciting again

Windows 10, Intel Skylake Chip, Thunderbolt 3.0 Will Boost Next-Gen PC Performance

The best apps to secure or find your lost or stolen Android phone

New Google IoT OS to connect Android devices

Google's I/O Steers Devs to Photos, IoT, Maps and More

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Made in Seattle Week, State of Technology Luncheon, and more

Is Home Where HomeKit's Heart Is?

Analysts see an Amazon rival in new site

Fitbit IPO Rides on Persuading You to Dust Off Your Wristband

Samsung takes another step into Internet of Things

Swiftkey's Clarity Keyboard Puts Auto-Correction in Context

Apple Watch threat looms over Fitbit IPO

Apple appears to be on track for giant iPad

Massive Apple Watch threat looms over Fitbit IPO

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet Dexterity And Affordability Swaps Laptop Market

Outlook for iOS, Android gets MAM, fulfills IT wish list

Head-worn devices to outsell smartwatches by 2018

Wearable Computing's Next Kings: Watches In 2016; Glasses In 2020

Microsoft launches affordable and portable Surface 3 tablet Newsmaine

Microsoft releases Surface 3, but will it vanquish the laptop?

Is Microsoft Still Relevant?

Samsung Wants Businesses To Deploy Gear Smartwatches And Virtual Reality Headsets

Samsung tinkering with wearables and VR headset for business

How long can the Apple dynasty march on?

Google Dresses Up Android Wear

Android wearables updated by Google TellMeNews

Apple Watch goes on sale, and Apple tries a new sales strategy

Smart World Problems: When the concept is better than the product

Google, Amazon, and the Future of Digital Content

Microsoft resurrects the Surface with third try

Microsoft should forget the Surface, stick to the Pro 2-in-1 line

Windows 10 upgrade arrives this summer – even for pirated copies

Intel Cuts Q1 Revenue Outlook as Business PC Sales Slow

Time to update your BYOD plans to include Apple Watches

Apple Watch: Enthusiasm and questions as Apple enters new market

New Two-Pound MacBook Steals The Show

Judge Accepts $415 Million Settlement in High-Tech Anti-Poaching Case

Apple expected to detail watch at event

Big Delay Waylays Big iPad

Is Windows Phone 10 already gaining momentum?

Microsoft's Windows 10 for phones already gaining momentum

From Microsoft: Two new Lumia smartphones to upgrade later to Windows 10

No new Lumia flagship? Smart move, Microsoft

Microsoft Windows to drop below 90% of PC market this year

6 Key Facts the C-Suite Should Know About Windows 10

Apple TV 2015: 5 Rumors Swirling About Its Features, Release Date Schedule

Apple stock hits new high on data centers, watch, car rumors

Microsoft bolsters Outlook app security, Office cloud integrations

The big problem Apple must fix before it launches a car

Federal agencies mobilize field workers, even as some businesses ignore them

Long-awaited Blackphone tablet may emerge at MWC

Qualcomm's new chips will bring high-end features to dirt-cheap smartphones

Apple may show off more than watch at next event

Perfect storm: How Apple vacuumed up all of the profit in the smartphone business

Market headwinds to blow iPad sales back to 2012 levels

ARM's New Mobile Chips Are Greener And Meaner: Say Hello To Souped-Up Smartphones And Tablets

Here's how souped-up your smartphone will be in 2016

Amazon WorkMail Arrives as New Work-Oriented Email Service

Wearable Tech Will Change Lots of Things but You

Amazon Brings the WorkMail for Business Email and Calendar Services

Clock is ticking for 'radical' move from Samsung

Amazon's New WorkMail Targets Business Users

Microsoft's Surface line-up posts 2nd straight profitable quarter

What Will The Launch Of Windows 10 Mean For The IT Industry?

Apple Watch’s battery won’t be giving the whole-day backup

All signs point to the demise of Microsoft's Surface RT tablet

Apple Watch Battery Life Is A BUMMER! Not Even Close To A Full Day Use: Report

Apple Watch battery will get you through the day -- barely

Windows 10 - Satya Nadella touts Windows-as-a-Service

Windows Phone 10 tries to become the smaller side of Windows 10

Windows 10 and the mystery of the missing cloud

Microsoft's online store runs out of Surface 2 tablets with Windows RT

Microsoft's Fix: Run, Don't Walk, To Windows 10

BlackBerry's Chen pens letter to U.S. to even the playing field for apps

Satya Nadella: Articulating a vision for Windows 10

Microsoft offers free Windows 10 upgrade, holographic glasses coming

The post-PC era is about to return with a vengeance

Remarkable: the PC market saw a tiny gain last quarter!

CES Live: Computer-monitor makers are bent on wider, curved screens

New Apple TV 2015 release date rumours: Apple TV 4th generation could feature app store, games and be a HomeKit hub

CES 2015 to focus on ‘Internet of Things’ and 4K TVs

Curved displays invade PCs at CES: Why they could be a better fit than curved TVs

CES Live: Dell’s new ultrabook delivers big display, compact design

The Rise of Cloud-Service Facilitators, the Blurring of IT Boundaries

BlackBerry signs AT&T deal to sell rounded Passport in U.S.

Samsung CEO sees big things for Internet of Things

What Payments Pundits Say Is On Tap For 2015

What to expect from Apple in 2015 beyond its smartwatch

‘Connected life’ at heart of CES electronics show

What to expect from Apple in 2015