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TECHnalysis Research 2014 Media Mentions

Here is a list of the TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell media mentions from 2014.

What are the big tech trends in 2015?

Is Samsung being pressured by shareholders?

Google to Take Over Moffet Field In New Deal

Obama's net neutrality decision was 'bold': Analyst

Interviewing Michael Dell at DellWorld

Preview of Facebook earnings: Should you expect a surprise?

Apple beats estimates on strong iPhone sales

Apple’s iPad Unveil: Were There Any Surprises?

Mobile payments generate new competition among tech companies

Google Rolls Out Nexus 9 Tablet

Why the PlayStation TV could be a 'big hit'

Samsung is nervous about iPhone 6's success: Pro

BlackBerry’s new phone

Not surprised by iPhone 6 demand: Analyst

Apple’s iPhone 6 Is What People Want: O’Donnell

What Are People Doing on Their Smartphones?

Is Samsung Scaring Apple Investors?

Samsung Quietly Releases Galaxy Alpha Smartphone

Amazon's Battle Over Ebooks Heats Up

The PC May Be Alive but the Tablet Is Dying

Should Samsung Fear the Next iPhone?

Is Samsung facing a double whammy?

Google is moving in the right direction

Facebook Gives Advertisers More User Data

What's Facebook's goal behind Paypayl hire?

Microsoft doubles down on devices

Apple Shares Soar on Increased Buyback

HBO's Amazon Deal: How Bad for Netflix?

Amazon Unveils Video-Streaming Device Fire TV

Lenovo Challenges With Integrating Motorola

Comcast-TW Cable Deal: How Do Cord-Cutters Fit In?

Apple Q1 Earnings

Smartphones Hold the Key to Sony's Growth

Google Joins Internet of Things

Arts and Crafts Dealer Michaels Latest to Suffer Data Breach

Reporter’s Notebook: Tech innovation in 2014 broke new ground

I can tell the future: Tech predictions for 2015

HP's Omen Gaming Laptop Makes A Bold Statement

2015: The year of ‘retro-tech’?

Apple's 2015: Building on an already huge 2014

21 Additional Industry Leading Companies Join the SCSA Initiative to Enhance Digital Content & 4K Ultra HD Ownership Experiences

Will Windows 10 prompt a surge of PC upgrades in 2015?

Enterprise mobile experts offer 2015 IT forecast

IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps rolling out, with Big Blue in charge

IT ponders voice recognition, immersive computing for work

Five Apple predictions for 2015

Remote Workers Viewed as More Productive

Dell and Intel Study Uncovers Truth Behind Technology and the Workforce

Windows 10 Can Upgrade 600 Million Aging PCs And Possibility To Skip Windows 8 Entirely

Technology is the secret to happy employees

Windows 10 could prompt upgrades of 600 million aging PCs

Samsung share repurchase buys time for turnaround

Connected-home Babel: There's an app for that, startup says

Three arrested over WireLurker

Apple starts the clock on Apple Watch launch

HP launches mobile management app, notebook PCs coming

IBM Fundamental And Algorithmic Analysis: Will Big Blue Bring Big-Time Blues?

Why Apple has to keep reinventing itself

Apple Pay fails to unify fragmented market

Samsung profit falls to more than 3-year lows

Facebook Inc (FB): Bob O’Donnell Said There Shouldn’t Be Big Surprises In The Earnings Report

The fallacy of timesaving apps: They don’t save you much time

Apple's latest iPads hit new high and new low

IBM stock falls 7% after it downgrades earnings forecast

Who is Dion Weisler?

BlackBerry shares jump on rumour of Lenovo takeover

Lenovo Could Make Acquisition Offer To Blackberry By End Of The Week

Apple has big ambitions for tablet sales with iPad Mini

New iPads Are Cool, but Apple Pay Is the Bigger Deal

Can Google Inc. (GOOGL) And Apple Inc. (AAPL) Tablets Be Used As Cash Register: Bob O’Donnell

New iPads on deck: What to expect from the Apple event

Intel Posts Improved Earnings, Revenue

First Take: Samsung remains relentless during Apple week

Apple, Facebook spring for egg freezing for employees

Apple Faithful Prepare to Not Be Dazzled

Wanted: Windows 10 apps to boost Windows Phone adoption

Apple's Oct. 16 event: Here's what we expect

Microsoft feels the need to pledge Surface Pro is 'here to stay'

HTC Breaks From Pack With Selfie Phone, Blind Cam

As HP splits in two, weaker PC makers won't survive the shakeout, analysts say

As tech landscape shifts, HP seeks more agility through split

The PC stands alone as HP splits into two companies

A subscription model might be ahead for Windows 10

Mobile revolution shakes up Silicon Valley

Can Hewlett-Packard survive the tablet trend?

Should you buy an HP printer or PC after the plan to split?

Apple grapples with gaffes after iPhone 6 launch

BlackBerry stamps its Passport, Rockefellers get out of oil: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP

Apple Redoubles Efforts to Fix iOS 8 Glitches

BlackBerry launches Passport phone, Blend app

Quinn: How Apple Watch can avoid some of Google Glass's pitfalls

Toshiba Restructures PC Business to Focus on Commercial Systems

Third bite at cherry for Microsoft’s laptop-tablet hybrid

Android One Rides MediaTek

'Phablet,' the word we love to hate

Will Apple iPhone 6 Plus help doom 7-inch tablets?

iPhone 6, Apple Watch start another mobile revolution in the enterprise

New iPhones set off flurry of pre-orders

Analyst: 'Dramatic shift away from 7-inch tablets’ is coming

Wait for the second generation of the Apple Watch, analysts say

Apple Reveals the Apple Watch, Two New iPhones

Has Apple Reclaimed It’s Technology Innovation Crown?

Praise for the Apple Watch - but it's the iPhones that will bring in the big money!

IT preps for iPhone 6, iOS 8 in the enterprise

HP’s ‘Chromebook Killer’ Delivers a Jolt of Sticker Shock

Did Samsung Spook Apple Investors?

Windows 8.1 tablets swim -- not sink -- in hospitality industry

Even with built-in audience, rumored YouTube music service faces hurdles

MIcrosoft to reveal Windows 9 on September 30: Report

Apps to help deaf, hearing people communicate more easily

Microsoft whacks Apple with new Surface Pro 3 ads

Nvidia's Tegra K1 Stars in New Acer Chromebook

Intel Details 14-Nanometer Chip Aimed at Tablets

Intel aims next-gen 14nm 'Broadwell' technology at fanless tablets, Ultrabooks

HP to test wearables market by working with partners

Swell Deal Could Give Apple Something to Talk About

Is the Curtain Falling on Tablets?

Apple Trusts a Million Users to Check Out Yosemite

Lenovo stops selling small-screen Windows tablets in the US

Lenovo No Longer Producing 8-inch Windows Tablets

Lenovo pulls ThinkPad 8 from U.S. market but Windows tablets will be back

PCs are Back! Well, Sort Of.

Intel Earnings Up 40%, Offers Strong Outlook

PCs stabilize, tablets are slowing down. What gives?

Biz Break: Yahoo disappoints, Intel sparkles as Silicon Valley earnings season kicks off

Vizio rethinks PC strategy in weak market

Earning Guidance Suggests Samsung Electronics Hit Record Low Operating Profit

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Vs. Samsung: Why is Samsung Under pressure? TechInsider

Are the best days behind world's no.1 smartphone maker?

Microsoft Is No Longer Windows First

What Do Android L and iOS 8 Mean for Business?

Google throws enterprise IT a bone with Android L

Google Inc (GOOGL) Has an Edge over Apple Inc. (AAPL) TechInsider

New Microsoft-Nokia smartphone is... Android

Surface Pro 3 'notebook' reaches retail today

Apple Edges Into Entry-Level Desktop Market

Dell PCs to live on as vector for software, services

Business Buyers Lift the Outlook for PCs

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S shows innovation in short supply

Next iPad May Be Loaded With iPhone Hand-Me-Downs

Intel Raises Revenue Outlook

Microsoft Targets Enterprise Execs in Mobile Product and Services Push

Tech giants scramble for lead on 'Internet of Things'

Is Facebook, Inc (FB) Hiring David Marcus A Strategic Move To Buy eBay Inc (EBAY)?TechInsider

Apple WWDC: What Are The Hidden Implications? Swift, Metal And More

How Apple iOS 8 eases some privacy concerns

Apple opens APIs, adds more IT capabilities in iOS 8

“You can’t fake that!” And Other Comments from the Dell Annual Analyst Conference (DAAC)

Apple Counters Microsoft's Convergence Strategy with Continuity

Biz Break: Apple builds path to future with WWDC software refresh

Apple dances to new tune with Beats deal

How Apple and Beats could shake up the streaming music scene

Microsoft kills the Mini: The Surface that didn't surface

Where's Microsoft's Surface Mini? For now, bigger is better

Surface Pro 3 may stop IT from writing off Microsoft mobile devices

iOS 8 split-screen hints at iPad's enterprise ambition

Surface do or die moment? Not so fast

Are Kazuo Hirai's days as Sony CEO numbered?

Cisco to Ditch WebEx Social for Jive

New CEO tries to break Acer's reliance on PCs

Hands on with Acer's Aspire Switch 10

Goodbye Nokia, Hello Microsoft Mobile?

Samsung and Amazon customize Kindle app, offer free e-books

Small Businesses Could Benefit From Wireless Industry 'Kill Switch' Plans

Intel paints bleak picture for Windows tablets vs. Android

Top 10 smartwatches setting the trend

Wearable device market 'overhyped,' researcher claims

Quinn: Don't give up on wearables already

Will tablets with the Windows 8.1 update come to an office near you?

Welcome to the world of wearables

AMD Touts Gaming Cred in Ad Push

Microsoft takes on the 'free' OS

Dual-boot Android and Windows tablets and PCs face skepticism

SXSW 2014: Google to release Android tools to aid wearable tech

New Asus Chromebox Sports Shiny $179 Price

You’ll soon have nowhere to run from the phablet revolution

Will Sony's Amputation Plans Staunch the Bleeding?

Sony Eyes Sale of PC Business

Apple missing out on 'seismic device shift'

Phablets poised to outsell small tablets and notebooks in 2014

Apple Says Success in Enterprise Is 'Unbelievable'

HP Sticks Thumb in Microsoft's Eye, Discounts Consumer Windows 7 PCs

Starbucks app teaches users to check security, experts say

Chromebooks have a 1% market share -- and a tough road to the enterprise

Are dual-OS Windroid devices coming to an enterprise near you?

Android Heads to Deskops as Reliance on Internet Grows

CES 2014: Valve unveils Steam Machine lineup, $499 to $6,000

March of the Phablets

Consumer Electronics Show Keeps Reinventing Itself

CES 2014: Anti-bacteria Gorilla Glass announced

Phablets Will Get Bigger