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TECHnalysis Research 2020 Media Mentions

Here is a list of the TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell media mentions from 2020.


AI's Role in Cybersecurity


Bob O'Donnell Breaks Down Big Tech Earnings


Tech Earnings from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter (27:25 into full Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia program)

Big tech reports earnings today, here's what you should expect


How people deal with addiction to the social media


Apple iPhone 12 Launch

5G Is More of a Distraction Than Real Benefit (Radio)

US Carriers Prepping 5G Networks for iPhone 12 Launch

Apple's unveils new watch that could become major COVID-19 diagostic tool

Why tech bubble concerns are rising for investors


Stock splits help investors feel like they're making 'bigger investments': Analyst

Raja Koduri, Intel Chief Architect: A Fortt Knox Deep Dive


Zoom outage upends remote remote work and distance learning

Big tech will see 'a lot more scrutiny' on big purchases following hearing: Analyst

Microsoft beats quarterly estimates, boosted by cloud revenue

TikTok Controversy (24 minutes into Global Business program)

Netflix Earnings (35:40 into full Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia program)

How Apple's in-house chips will improve user experience

Apple Arm Chips for Macs (1:16:00 into full Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia:program)

Bob O'Donnell on the Markets (Radio)

Amazon is not the 'efficient model' we once thought: Tech Analyst

Apple and Google team up to develop contact tracing app

Looking Back at 15 Years of Killer Innovations

Big tech companies ask employees to work from home

Apple supply chain problems: Will iPhones be scarce?

Samsung unveils its latest product lineup, including the Galaxy Z Flip

Google will benefit from future 'fundamental shift' in advertising: Analyst

Renaissance Era in Innovation #CES2020

TECHnalysis Research President and Chief Analyst Bob O'Donnell talks tech at CES 2020

Sony is attempting to reinvent itself, says analyst


Apple in 2021: The iPhone is taking over everything

Your next Android smartphone will have even faster 5G, better battery life, thanks to Qualcomm

Apple Takes Chipset Matters Into Its Own Hands

Big Tech welcomes Biden presidency, but battles loom

Apple brings USB 4 to its Mac line as it unveils computers with its own M1 chips

Apple's new Macs could change computers as we know them

This Miami company’s devices power global brands — but you’ll likely never see its logo

Analysts monitor ad trends, regulatory headwinds ahead of Facebook's earnings

5G phone prices are falling. Verizon's cheapest now starts at $400

What Google's battle with the Justice Department means for consumers

Apple’s iPhone 12 has 5G — what is it and is it worth the upgrade?

Apple Joins 5G Fray iPhone 12 Launch, Carriers Jockey for Position

Apple enters 5G race with new iPhone 12 range

Apple’s iPhone 12 is here and it’s expected to have 5G connectivity. Read this before rushing to buy one

Analysts urge 'modest expectations' ahead of Apple's 5G iPhone launch

Google announces G Suite overhaul with Google Workspace

Microsoft Teams updates delivers new modes, background options, new walkie-talkie features, and MUCH more

Samsung introduces something for the fans — a budget Galaxy S20 camera for $699

Nvidia Starts Campaign to Close Arm Deal

A brewing U.S.-China tech cold war rattles the semiconductor industry

Yoga devotee bends online search to feed the hungry

Apple unveils new updates, Apple Fitness+

Apple Reveals New Watches, Muscular Tablet at Online Event

Pandemic-proof Apple to kick off lineup for critical holiday season

Nvidia to Buy Arm for $40 Billion, Pose Big Challenge to Intel, AMD

Nvidia will buy Arm for up to $40 billion, combining smartphone, GPU powerhouses

Apple out to reignite growth with line updates

Google's New Phone App Feature ID's Legit Business Calls

Samsung Launches Z Fold2 5G Device as Microsoft Delivers Foldable Surface Duo

Stock split behavior confuses billionaire and analysts

More Businesses Are Using AI to Drive User Experiences

The Surface Duo dual-screen phone could make Microsoft harder to dismiss

What TikTok can do for Microsoft, and what Microsoft can do for TikTok

GPUs Power Atomic-Scale Models in the Battle Against COVID-19

Samsung's struggle: Selling the pricey Galaxy Note 20 in a pandemic

AT&T takes its 5G wireless network nationwide as evolution to super-fast connections continue

Resurgent 'techlash' overshadows Silicon Valley earnings

Windows 10X to Eliminate Onboard 32-Bit Apps: Report

AMD's energy-slashing feat

Agencies Move Meetings Online as In-Person Conferences Disappear

Apple just made it more attractive to go all-in on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Macs Move to Apple Silicon Announced at WWDC

Apple's WWDC will be one of its most important in years

Apple, Microsoft and Sony are showing big tech how to hold conferences in a COVID-19 world

Apple to Design Its Own ARM-Based Mac Chips

Flexibility, Cost Drive Microsoft Cosmos DB Improvements

The US job market had its worst month in history, but Apple and Amazon are still hiring

HP Sees Accelerated Push for Enterprise Chromebooks, Thin Clients

Big tech is getting even bigger in the age of coronavirus

As earnings loom, Big Tech to highlight pandemic efforts

How Apple Watch went from fashion accessory to fitness must-have

Why the iPhone SE is the perfect iPhone for the times

Privacy risks loom over Apple and Google's COVID-19 tracing tool

Without fanfare, Apple launches new iPhone for the budget-minded

OnePlus 8 Pro marks the improbable rise of the Chinese phone maker

These 5G Laptops Will Change the Way You Work

Google's video chat service adds 2 million users a day amid coronavirus

Latest Coronavirus Myths: 5G, Malaria Drug, Face Masks,

Allaying Fears of Purported 5G Link with COVID-19

HP to Bring Bromium Security Technology to SMBs with Select Commercial PCs

Amazon prioritizes medical supplies, staples for delivery

Internet providers are cutting data caps, increasing speeds as more Americans work from home

As 5G goes nationwide, US carriers' capex, spectrum plans come into focus

E-Commerce Firm Peixe in Talks to Buy Electric Scooter Startup Grow: Sources

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr Clash to Reach the Top as Foldable Phones Still Struggle to Make Impact in 2020

Sorry, Razr and Galaxy Z Flip: Foldable phones still need a win

Here's why your next, next phone will be a folding one

Opinion: The 5G rollout is already behind, and coronavirus could slow it even more

Ready for 5G? Samsung’s new flagship phones are equipped

The invisible, profitable world of cloud computing

Galaxy S20 brings 5G to Samsung customers, whether they want it or not

Samsung Unveils Compact Foldable Phone, 5G Galaxy S20 to Fend Off Apple, Huawei

Samsung prices cheapest new Galaxy smartphones at $1,000, even after Apple went lower on iPhone

Razr Reviews Raise $1500 Durability Question

With the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung looks for its foldable do-over

Calculating the cost of 5G for Apple's next iPhones

Ever wondered what Microsoft really thought about the iPad? Ex-Windows boss spills beans

Research Shows Cloud Workloads Vary by Platform, but Data Rules

Qualcomm decides the autonomous-driving party finally began at CES 2020

CES 2020: The long-promised ‘Year of 5G’ arrives with more promises and little 5G

AMD’s Command Performace at CES 2020 Was Years in the Making

CES 2020: Quibi, the billion-dollar streaming service, makes its pitch to be noticed

Trump stumbles as smartphone-obsessed America falls far behind in the race to roll out 5G networks

CES 2020: Sony announces electric car concept