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TECHnalysis Research 2019 Media Mentions

Here is a list of the TECHnalysis Research president and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell media mentions from 2019.


Top Tech Stories of 2019

Ring Camera Hacking

What’s Behind Ring Camera Hacking

Two Types of 5G, Zombie Firms, CEO of Beyond Meat (Podcast)

5G Reality Check

Alphabet co-founders step down from executive roles

Apple launches pay TV service, Apple TV Plus

The Key Takeaways From Apple's Fourth-Quarter Earnings and Forecast

Apple and Facebook earnings - what to expect

Alphabet Earnings, Untuckit Launch, PE Creating Jobs (Radio)

Amazon Earnings (18:13 into full "Daybreak Australia" program)

How Google's Pixel 4 is taking on Apple's iPhone

Microsoft Surface Devices

Apple Fall Product Rumors (10:10 into full "Bloomberg Technology" program)

Samsung's partnership with Microsoft is a 'big deal': Analyst

Amazon's Logistics Investment Remains a Question, Technalysis President Says

Amazon, Alphabet, Intel Earnings (Start of What'd You Miss Full Show)

Facebook and Tesla Earnings, SpaceX Launch (16:30 into Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia Full Show)

Apple Mac Pro Production Move Odd, Won't Make Big Impact: Technalysis President

The Highlights From Apple's Developer Confab

Citrix Synergy 2019

US Commerce Department blacklists Huawei

Apple Earnings (28:30 into full "Bloomberg Daybreak Australia" program)

Alphabet takes a hit after reporting Q1 ad revenue slowdown

Samsung is smart to address folding phone glitch 'head on': Analyst

Netflix, Disney to Be Complementary, TECHnalysis Research Says

Netflix Earings (23:10 into full "Bloomberg Technology" program)

India iPhone Production Might Be a China Hedge: O'Donnell

Samsung Galaxy Fold, Apple India Production, Apple Qualcomm Trial (26:50 into full "What'd You Miss?" program)

Apple’s shift towards subscription and financial services

The Key Takeaways From the Apple Services Event

Apple Card was Apple's most impressive announcement: Analyst

Fortt Knox: The Best from MWC 2019 (7:15 into segment)

The Key Takeaways From the Mobile Industry's Biggest Show

Why 5G is a 'critical point' in the US-China trade conflict

Samsung Galaxy Fold 'Really Delivers,' Says Technalysis' O'Donnell

Samsung Foldable Phone (6:12 into the full Bloomberg What'd You Miss? program)

Has smartphone innovation hit the dead-end?

Samsung Unveils Foldable Galaxy Smartphone At San Francisco Event

Samsung launches foldable 'Galaxy Fold' phone that costs $1,980

Apple and AMD Earnings Analysis (Just past 11 minutes into the full Bloomberg Daybreak Australia program)

Lot More Longer Term Questions For Apple (Radio)

On the Cusp of Innovation: Bob O’Donnell Surveys CES 2019

Trade conflict won't delay 5G network roll out: Analyst

Smartphone Market Is Stalled and Declining, Says TECHnalysis's O'Donnell

Nationalism in China Impacting Apple (Radio)


Amazon, Apple, Google Join Smart Device Network Interoperability Effort

What's behind all the Ring security camera hackings?

Cheaper 5G phones are on the horizon, but they probably won't be very good

Here's what you need to know about 5G

Why Intel's chip shortage could be an opportunity for AMD

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chip won't build in 5G. Here's why it matters

Qualcomm is pushing connectivity to cheaper computers but still faces hurdles

Sundar Pichai Steps Into Huge Role As Alphabet CEO

Alphabet will be fine without Larry Page and Sergey Brin: analysts

Google co-founders step down as Pichai named Alphabet CEO

Dell Updates Ruggedized Windows Tablet

HP Readies New Dedicated Remote Workstation Solution as Alternative to VDI

Cheap 5G phones won't come until these things happen first

Trump-Cook 'bromance' culminates with visit to Apple factory

Samsung chases Apple’s $50bn-a-year lead in services

Microsoft Previews Future of Hybrid Cloud with Azure Arc

Google buying Fitbit in move into wearables, digital health

Pixel 4 vs. iPhone 11: Google's phone is the pricier one, surprisingly

Tech is helping many workplaces become more diverse

Google in smartphone push with motion-sensing Pixel 4

With Pixel 4, Google's experimental tech bets finally enter the spotlight

Microsoft thinks a dual-screen Android phone can take on Apple and Samsung

Turning new iPhone's modest upgrades into must-have features

iPhone 11 Release Date: New Smartphone To Offer Only Modest Upgrades

Samsung May Have New Foldable Phone in Wings

Get ready for a flood of Intel-powered PCs with long battery life

5G: Why you should ignore the hype and wait – until 2020

Sprint launches 5G in major markets with more areas covered

Dell Shrinks Commercial Mini PC Form Factors

Citrix to Release New Managed Virtual Windows DaaS Offering Next Week

Samsung-Microsoft partnership will benefit end users

Snap Unwraps $380 High-Tech Specs

Samsung and Microsoft sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Samsung ditches headphone jack after jabs at jackless rivals

Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the reason your phone is so huge

Apple Is Letting People Apply for Its Credit Card. Can Its Rewards Spur New iPhone Sales?

The Galaxy Note 10 dilemma: Getting out of the Galaxy Fold's shadow

Apple to Jump on 5G Bandwagon in 2020

China's races Google to bring driverless cars to masses

5G is spotty now but will get so much better. Here's why

Softbank's Arm Holdings Eases Upfront License Costs

With Jony Ive's Successor, Apple Bets a Pragmatist Can Turn Prophet

New Profile Delves Into Background of Jony Ive Successor Jeff Williams

Baidu sees profit in curing Chinese drivers' parking headache

Avis Revamps IT to Stay Relevant in Changing Industry

Microsoft OneDrive Personal Vault aims to secure online files

Can Facebook's Libra replicate WeChat Pay's digital payment dominance?

These 5 Email Mistakes Can Kill Your Career

Intel's Project Athena aims to improve mobile PC standards

Tektronix Rolls Out Mid-Range Scopes with Big HD Displays

How A.I. Is Reshaping the Home Theater

IPadOS, Mac Pro aim to improve Apple's enterprise stance

Apple Highlights User Experience in New OS Lineup

Apple touts privacy in web sign-on war with Facebook, Google

Citrix, Microsoft Align on DaaS, Plan Intune Endpoint API Integration

Citrix Previews AI-Based Contextual Interface for Digital Workspace

Google's problems in China are bigger than Huawei

US tech firms to take hit from Huawei sanctions

From cloud to the edge: On-device artificial intelligence boosts performance

US-China trade war could force Apple to raise iPhone prices, shift production

Dell Latitude PCs get redesign with IT, mobile workforce in mind

Get Ready for Feature Deluge at Apple's WWDC

Multi-device gaming is the new reality, says Bob O’Donnell

Dell Shows New Management Platform, PCs for Workers

Samsung delays shipping its $2,000 folding smartphone. Analysts say that hurts the brand

Why This Year's New iPhones Won't Have 5G

Apple, Qualcomm will bring you a 5G iPhone -- just not this year

New Google Cloud AI Platform unifies AI development tools

Technalysis: Gamers are willing to try multi-device cloud gaming

Are foldable smartphones an expensive fad or the future?

Gmail gave Google the confidence to take over the world

Opinion divided on Apple credit card

Apple's big services push? It has iPhone written all over it

Apple Pushes Beyond iPhone With Launch of TV, Finance, Gaming, News Services

The Apple Card Is Here, With Cash Back and Privacy Promises

Apple enlists Hollywood to launch new streaming service

Apple's TV streaming service: It's showtime at last

Facebook's messaging ambitions amount to much more than chat

USB 4 will help your PC, phone and gadgets get along in 2020

FIDO, W3C show strong and simple are not opposites for user authentication

Verizon Preps 5G Plans with Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy Fold dominates Samsung Unpacked, leaving Galaxy S10 in its shadow

Samsung announces folding phone with 5G - at nearly $2,000

Blown away by innovation or price? Samsung's foldable phone opens new frontier

Samsung launches folding smartphone, first 5G handset

Arm Expands Neoverse Platform for Edge, Cloud

Huawei caught in tug of war between the US and China

How Smart Will AI Get?

US Gadget Love Forecast to Grow Despite Trust Issues

What’s in a name? 5G wireless claims, but no real network

What's Next For US And China Trade Talks?

At CES 2019, Apple finally sets iTunes, AirPlay loose

Privacy becomes a selling point at tech show

Annual Tech Show To Tout 5G Wireless, 8K TV — And Smart Everything

Samsung in 2019: Get ready for foldable phones, 5G and more

Other tech heavyweights may have it easier than Apple amid a slowing Chinese economy

Global tech show to celebrate innovation amid mounting concerns