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About TECHnalysis Research
TECHnalysis Research, LLC is an award-winning* market research and consulting firm that offers a unique far-reaching, yet practical perspective on the technology business, informed by extensive research experience, deep technology insights and a global outlook. The result is insightful, actionable advice that vendors can use to create more successful strategic and product decisions, and that financial professionals can leverage to make better informed investments.

Having recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, TECHnalysis Research was founded by tech industry research veteran, Bob O'Donnell. The company specializes in covering the latest cutting edge technologies for both consumers and enterprises and putting those developments into context. Through these efforts, O'Donnell is able to explain their relevance and importance to business decision makers and end users. Specific topics include::

•Generative AI
• 5G
• Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Computing
• Semiconductors
• Consumer and Commercial IoT (Internet of Things)
• Smart Homes and Connected Cars
• Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
• PCs and Smartphones
• Edge Computing
• Consumer and Commercial Wearables

TECHnalysis Research services include strategic advice, message testing/bulletproofing, and custom, project-based research, as well as weekly industry analysis, and in-depth research deliverables.

In addition, TECHnalysis Research also brings a wealth of speaking experience, providing vendors, media outlets and other organizations with the opportunity for impactful speaking engagements.

For technology vendors, TECHnalysis Research provides a regular flow of published documents, consultative services, face-to-face meetings, projects, and ongoing inquiry support.

For the financial community, TECHnalysis Research offers regular, concise written updates on critical trends and specific business developments, face-to-face meetings, and inquiry support.

You can download a brief presentation that provides a more detailed introduction to TECHnalysis Research here.

TECHnalysis Research provides paid advising and consulting to many tech companies, including Intel, Dell, AMD, HP, Microsoft, Samsung and other companies mentioned on this website. If we have been paid to prepare a paper about a product or company, we will explicitly disclose such relationships in each paper.

*TECHnalysis Research was named a Best New Entrant in the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) Analyst of the Year Awards for 2015. You can read more here:

*TECHnalysis Research was also listed as a leading analyst firm on the 2018 Tragic Quadrant by the IIAR.You can read more here:

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TECHnalysis Research works with a variety of large firms to create custom deliverables, such as white papers. You can find some of them at the link below.