Technalysis Research
Research Deliverables
In addition to strategic advice, TECHnalysis Research offers a regular set of published deliverables.

TECHnalysis Research Consulting Services
TECHnalysis Research offers strategic consulting services to technology vendors, including:

• Product and Marketing Strategy
• Custom Surveys
• Message Testing and Bulletproofing
• Custom White Papers
• Custom Podcasts, and more

Consulting can be provided on an ongoing or per project basis or any combination of the two. Project-based consulting work can include primary research, such as online surveys accessible across a range of devices, as well as focus groups. TECHnalysis Research also offers experience in sophisticated data analysis methods, including segmentation, MaxDiff and conjoint.

Product and Marketing Strategy-related projects deliver actionable results on topics such as product positioning, go-to-market strategies, channel opportunities and more.

Message Testing and Bulletproofing-related projects offer real-world feedback from an experienced industry analyst as well as potential consumer or commercial customers.

Custom White Papers provide an opportunity to deliver a strong third-party message on specific products or technologies, general industry trends, company strategy and more.

Custom Podcasts allow vendors to create social media-friendly, longer form audio programs that can be used to explain important topics to customers in an easily-digestible format.

If you're interested in hiring TECHnalysis Research for custom consulting work, please send an email to or call 1 (650) 224-2355.

White Papers
If you'd like to see examples of custom white paper authored by TECHnalysis Research, you'll find a link here.
  Custom Podcasts
If you'd like to learn more about custom podcasts created by TECHnalysis Research, you'll find a link here.