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TECHnalysis Research Custom Podcasts
Podcasts are very useful marketing tools for companies who want to discuss a topic that takes a bit more than a simple press release to explain. If you're interested in creating a custom podcast to help build up marketing materials that can be promoted via social media or more traditional means, TECHnalysis Research offers a turnkey solution, complete with original music, to give your company a professional-sounding result. Leveraging firm president Bob O'Donnell's award-winning 10+-year professional broadcast career, TECHnalysis Research provides a cost-effective way to create top-notch custom audio programs.

You can find a few samples below.

Lenovo IFA Smart Devices

Ahead of Lenovo Tech Life in Berlin, Mark Krynock from the Lenovo Smart Office Group and Bob O'Donnell, CEO of Technalysis Research, give you a glimpse of the devices already gaining popularity and those still on the horizon.

You can listen to the Lenovo Podcast here:

The Future of Connected and Autonomous Cars

In this custom podcast, TECHnalysis Research President and Chief Analyst Bob O'Donnell discusses the evolution of smart and connected cars with Will Tu, the Director of Embedded Segment Marketing Automotive for ARM, and Arwed Niestroj, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz R&D North America. They cover developments in infotainment systems, ADAS, autonomous driving, the connections between Silicon Valley, Detroit and Stuttgart, and much more.

You can listen to a Soundcloud-based stream of the ARM/Mercedes Benz Custom Podcast here:


eOS: A Platform-Based Approach to Building Tools for Engineers

In this custom podcast, TECHnalysis Research President and Chief Analyst Bob O'Donnell chats with Jeff Philips, National Instruments' Section Manager, Software Platform Marketing about the many benefits of taking a platform approach when building tools for engineers. Not only does this method provide an extensible environment that can be customized for different specific applications, it also simplifies training and, most importantly, speeds time to market as work across various test and development teams can be easily shared.

You can listen to a Soundcloud-based stream of the NI Custom Podcast here:

Custom Research
TECHnalysis Research works with a variety of large firms to create custom deliverables, such as white papers. You can find some of them at the link below.


If you're interested in having Bob O'Donnell speak at your event, or if you want to see example speeches, you can find out more at the link below.