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March 9, 2019
Facebook Manifesto, Warren Tech Company Breakup, USB4 and WebAuthn

March 2, 2019
MWC 2019

February 23, 2019
Samsung Unpacked 2019, Galaxy Fold

February 9, 2019
Apple, 5G Vs. WiFi, Digital Privacy, Spotify

February 2, 2019
AMD, Microsoft, Apple Earnings, FaceTime Bug, Apple-Facebook-Google Spat

January 19, 2019
Netflix, Voice Assistants and Smart Home, Motorola Razr

January 12, 2019
CES 2019

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Working along with the contributors at, Bob O'Donnell is a key participant in the Tech.pinions Podcast. You'll find links to the weekly podcast, posted every Saturday morning, below.

March 16, 2019
The Tech.pinions Podcast

Apple - Spotify, Facebook Issues, Nvidia - Mellanox, Tesla Model Y

This week's Tech.pinions podcast features Carolina Milanesi and Bob O'Donnell analyzing the potential ramifications of the spat between Apple and Spotify, discussing Facebook's extended outage, as well as the departure of major executives, talking about NVidia's proposed purchase of networking company Mellanox, and chatting on the launch of Tesla's Model Y crossover/mini-SUV.

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